#24 More Moon Facts

The tidal forces of the Moon (and the Sun) don't only act on the oceans, they act on the land as well. If you stand on the equator, the land beneath you will go up and down by as much as 21 inches (55 centimeters) over the course of a day. You won't notice this though, because you will be drinking too much tequila.

Since the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth, each lunar day lasts a whole Earth month. Consequently, anybody could outrun the setting Sun on a bicycle. Well, maybe you could. I am old and fat.

When the Moon was created, it was a lot closer to the Earth, and appeared ten times larger in the sky. Each year, the Moon moves 4 centimeters away from the Earth. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe we smell bad and it doesn't want to be associated with us.

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