#9 Insects

Based on what you see on TV, you might be under the impression that humans are the dominant life form on this planet. We're not. You must be thinking of some other planet. This planet is run by insects.

For each person on the Earth, there are two hundred million insects crawling around somewhere. I've started a little side project to assign names to the individual members of my personal army of insect minions. I encourage you to do the same. If you establish a nice relationship with them now, perhaps they'll treat you better when they rise up against us.

Ants and termites are especially popular. If you could put all of the Earth's animals together in an extremely large blender, a delicious one third of what would come pouring out would be ants and termites.

It is a common misconception that lawyers are insects. This is not true. Lawyers are mollusks.

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